Grilled Jumbo Shrimp   D, SH

300g of jumbo shrimp, flame-grilled and basted with butter and garlic, served on a bed of eggplant puree 87


Butterfly Sea Bream   F

Whole sea bream flame-grilled, decorated with sauteed vegetables, lemon and rocket 80


Butterfly Sea Bass   F

Whole sea bass flame-grilled, decorated with sauteed vegetables, lemon and rocket 90


Grilled Salmon   F, D

Flame-grilled salmon with olive oil, lemon and salt. Served with mashed potatoes 79

Sea Bass Skewers   F

Grilled sea bass skewers marinated in bay leaves, lemon and olive oil. Decorated with a potato slice, red onion, lemon and rocket 92


Salmon Skewers   F

Salmon skewered with tomato and green capsicum, basted with olive oil and flame-grilled to perfection. Decorated with a potato slice, red onion, lemon and rocket 84


Blue Fish   F,  Seasonal

Grilled blue fish, decorated with sauteed vegetables, lemon and rocket. Ask about availability 121


Sea Bass Oven-Baked in Milk   F, D, G, E

Sea bass fillet and baby shrimp baked in bechamel sauce, with mushrooms, tomatoes and green capsicum 67


Sea Bream / Sea Bass Saute   F, D

A cheesy fish bake, with tomato, green capsicum, mushrooms and onions, with a touch of garlic, basil, oregano and black pepper

Sea Bream 87

Sea Bass 95

Hamsi Tava   F

Pan-fried unsalted anchovies, with raw red onion and parsley 70


Lavish Seafood Platter      F

Our chef’s special seafood selection. Grilled octopus, calamari, blue fish, jumbo shrimp, sea bass and salmon skewers. Served with vegetables. For sharing 341

Salt-Crusted Sea Bass  F, Seasonal

Slow-baked in a thick layer of salt, this 1kg whole sea bass is an absolute showstopper! Brought to your table, the salt is flame-lit and the salt crust is chiseled open to reveal melt-in-your-mouth morsels of fish. Ask about availability 186


Grilled Seasonal Vegetables   D, V

Marrow, eggplant, carrots, green capsicum and mushroom. Grilled over the coals, basted with olive oil and black pepper 22


Potato Chips   D, V

Golden fried potatoes seasoned with parmesan and parsley 24


Sweet Potato Chips   D, V

Salted fried sweet potatoes 28

Rice   D, V

Calrose rice 15


Mashed Potato   D, V

Homestyle potato mousse 18


Cokertme Kebap   D
Marinated beef strips served on a bed of thin potato chips and veiled by yoghurt and salsa sauce 78


Cop Sis / Souvlaki   G

Small cuts of lamb on 8 skewers, spiced with cumin and chili flakes, flame-grilled and served on lavas bread with a side of rice and rainbow salad 57


Kofte   E, G

Minced beef and lamb flavored with garlic, cumin, oregano and parsley, grilled over an open flame. Served with lavas bread, a side of rice and rainbow salad 54

Grilled Chicken    G

Melt-in-your-mouth marinated chicken breast and thigh, flame-grilled and served on grated potato, flanked with grilled green chili peppers 50


Beef Steak     D
Beef sirloin marinated with rosemary and oregano. Served with a choice of potato chips, sauteed vegetable or mashed potatoes 81


Seafood Spaghetti   G, SH, D

Shrimp with calamari and mussels slow-cooked in a tomato-based sauce with garlic and fresh basil 57


Penne Alla Norma   G, D, N, V

Sauteed eggplant tossed in onions, tomatoes, basil pesto and green capsicum topped with fresh basil 43


Linguine Alfredo   G, N, D

Rich and creamy Alfredo sauce with a touch of basil pesto and garlic served with chicken breast 44

Manti   G, E, D, N
Turkish dumplings filled with minced beef brisket and onion flakes, served with your choice of kesh cheese or yoghurt – or ask for half and half 61


Eriste Noodles   E, G, D, N, V

A full serving of homemade egg noodles swirled through butter, kesh cheese and broken walnuts. This homely dish is full of satisfaction 41


Deniz Burger       G, E, D, SE
Deniz’s favorite salmon burger on a black bun with white sesame seeds, filled with mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, cucumber pickles, and served with tartar sauce and sweet potato chips 67


Meat Burger G, E, D, SE

Lamb and beef patty with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion and cheddar cheese in a bun topped with sesame seeds. Served with homestyle thick-cut potato chips 57

Chicken Schnitzel Burger   G, E, SE

A chicken schnitzel patty served with cucumber pickles, tomato and lettuce. Presented with potato chips and a secret sauce 47


Mini Meat Burgers   G, E

Beef and lamb patty served on a white bun with lettuce and tomato, with a side of potato chips 53


Mozzarella Toast   G, D, V

Light mozzarella and tomato toast served with cherry tomato, cucumber and parsley on the side 28

All prices are in Dirhams (AED) and inclusive of V.A.T.

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