Ezme   N, V

A melody of flavors of tomato, onion, cumin, chili paste, dried mint, parsley and pomegranate molasses mashed together to form a salata garnished with fresh mint and walnuts 30


Fava Beans   V

An ancient Roman dish made from mashed yellow broad beans and vegetables dressed with olive oil and dill 26


Atom   D, V

An explosion of taste: grilled eggplants with labneh topped with fiercely hot dehydrated chilies 27


Beetroot Hummus   V, SE

Mashed chickpeas and beetroot, flavored with a hint of garlic, cumin and tahini 24


Shakshuka    D, V

Chopped eggplant mixed with tomato, red and green capsicum and a dollop of yoghurt on top 31

Girit Ezme   D, N, V 
A cheese lovers dish. Shredded ezine and tulum cheese, mixed with feta, pistachio, almond flakes and walnuts. Topped with chili flakes, oregano, garlic and olive oil 36
Deniz Börülcesi / Samphire Horta   V
Sea Salicornia blanched and gently tossed in olive oil, garlic and lemon juice 47


Kereviz with Labneh   D, N, V

Shredded celery root and green apples mixed with labneh and garlic topped with walnuts. A healthy option for a detox diet 29


Mashed Marrow With Walnuts   D, N, V

Mashed marrows and garlic, lightly seasoned with cumin and a hint of chili, mixed with labneh and topped with crushed walnuts 29


Vine Leaves Dolma / Dolmadakia   N, V

Grape leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and blackcurrants, served with slices of lemon 29


Cacik / Tzatziki   D, V

A refreshing side dish made from cucumber, dried mint, labneh and yoghurt 26


Fish Soup   G, F, D

A creamy soup of sea bass, carrots, white onion, celery, bay leaves and lemon 45

Lentil Soup   G, D, V

Hearty red lentil soup cooked with potato, carrot and white onion 24


Mushroom Shrimp   SH, D

Sizzling shrimp and button mushrooms in butter and garlic sauce with touch of chili 60


Shrimp Cocktail   E, G, SH
Tasty coated shrimp loaded in a secret sauce 48
Seafood Sizzle   SH, D
A delicious twist on the famous Turkish street food “Kokorec”. Made with finely chopped baby shrimp, octopus, calamari and cuttlefish. Sprinkled with chili flakes and oregano 57


Grilled / Fried Calamari   SH, D, G / SH, D, G, E

Your choice of lightly floured flame-grilled calamari or deep-fried battered calamari rings and baby squid 50


Grilled Octopus   F

Flame-grilled octopus tentacle served with a simple olive oil sauce with spices 57


Cig Borek   G

Two pieces of deep-fried cig borek stuffed with minced beef, onion and spices 32


Mucver   D, G, E, V

Marrow hash browns made with feta cheese, mint, spring onion and parsley. Served with garlic yoghurt 39

Eriste Noodles   E, G, D, V

Homemade egg noodles swirled through butter, kesh cheese and broken walnuts. This homely dish is full of satisfaction 22


Cheese Rolls   G, D, E, V

Feta and parsley rolled in yufka phyllo, deep fried to a golden crisp with a warm soft center 29


Pacanga Borek   G, D, E

Yufka phyllo filled with pastrami, tomato, green capsicum, mozzarella and parsley, deep fried to create a melted cheesy center. Served with a special Deniz tomato dip 37


Citir Manti   G, D, E
Traditional Turkish dumplings fried to crispiness. Served with garlicky yoghurt and salsa sauce 44
Eggplantamole   V
Experience our famous eggplantamole freshly made at your table. Eggplant, tomato, green capsicum, garlic and lemon 47
Shrimp Rolls in Yoghurt    SH, G, D, E
Fried phyllo pastry stuffed with shrimp placed on a bed of garlicky yogurt and drizzled with butter and paprika 57

All prices are in Dirhams (AED) and inclusive of V.A.T.



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