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Adana Kebap (Adana Kebab)

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Adana Kebap or Adana Kebab – Chargrilled minced lamb, spiced with chili flakes. Served on lavas with green chili pepper, tomato, parsley, mix of white onion and sumac.

The delicious grilled treat Adana Kebab, which was introduced in Dubai through Turkish restaurants, has grown to be a common favourite.

Adana Kebab is a must-try meal for anybody looking for a taste of Turkish cuisine in the heart of Dubai. Its rising popularity in Dubai is a reflection of the city’s enthusiasm for authentic and foreign flavours. It caters to the varied tastes of both locals and tourists.

Made with minced lamb and flavourful spices, it gives you an authentic experience of Turkish cuisine.

At Deniz Turkish Restaurant, we take pride in serving a mouth watering rendition of this traditional delicacy. We source locally the meat and select the choicest spices, grilling it to perfection, to bring you a gastronomic delight that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Adana.

The Perfect Blend of Spices and Preparation Technique or Adana Kebap (Adana Kebab)

The distinctive taste of Adana Kebab lies in the sumptuous flavours infused into the minced lamb meat.

At Deniz Restaurant, our skilled chefs meticulously prepare the kebabs by hand using a traditional line-like knife called zirh.

The use of locally bred sheep meat further improves the flavour and guarantees a quality and authentic experience.

We pepper the minced meat with chili flakes, giving the meal a hot flavor. We serve the Adana kebab with green chili pepper, tomato, parsley, and a mix of white onion and sumac to elevate your culinary experience to the next level.

Experience the flavours of Adana Kebap at Deniz Restaurant

Authentic and enjoyable eating experiences are what Deniz Turkish Restaurant strives to deliver. Each Adana Kebab is expertly crafted by our cooks, who do it with precision and passion to ensure the highest quality. Our restaurant exemplifies our idea that food is a form of communication that unites people.

At Deniz Turkish Restaurant, We offers a welcoming atmosphere where friends and families can gather to enjoy delicious cuisine and make lasting memories.

Our smokey and succulent kebab will take you to the heart of Adana. We make it with the utmost care and the finest ingredients, ensuring both taste and health.

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