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Iskender Doner

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Beef & lamb doner, served with tomato, green chili pepper, special red sauce and yoghurt on a bread

Iskender Adana Kebab, a Turkish culinary gem, arrived in Dubai thanks to cultural exchange and Turkish expatriates. The dish is named after Iskender Efendi, who revolutionized the concept of traditional kebabs by introducing new flavours and cooking techniques.

Iskender Adana Kebab is a delightful culinary creation combining succulent beef and lamb doner with fresh ingredients. This iconic dish offers a symphony of flavours, including tender meat, juicy tomatoes, zesty green chilli peppers, and a special red sauce that harmonize to create an unforgettable dining experience.

The Making of an Iskender Doner

An embodiment of Turkish gastronomy showcases the artistry of blending top-quality meats, fragrant spices, and vibrant garnishes. At Deniz, it’s not just about serving delicious food; it’s about meticulously crafting each Iskender Doner to perfection. Beginning with tender cuts of beef and lamb doner, our skilled chefs skilfully grill the meat to enhance its juiciness and infuse it with smoky goodness. The result is a harmony of textures – juicy, flavourful, and irresistibly tender.

The centrepiece of our Iskender Adana Kebab is the amalgamation of rich, juicy meats with a colourful array of ingredients. Served atop a bed of warm, fluffy bread, the kebab is adorned with fresh tomato slices that impart a natural sweetness. To add a touch of zest, we incorporate vibrant green chilli peppers.

What truly elevates the flavours of Iskender Adana Kebab is the special red sauce—a signature condiment that we have perfected over the years. This velvety, tangy sauce tantalizes the taste buds, perfectly balancing tartness and creaminess.

A big dollop of cooled, creamy curd is offered with the Iskender doner. Its wonderful creaminess and tangy undertone complement the culinary masterpiece’s spicy meat and colourful spices.

A Feast for the Senses

Iskender Adana Kebab has a mouth-watering fragrance of grilled meats, and fragrant spices fill the air as you dig in. The brilliant colours of the tomatoes and chilli peppers contrast against the golden-brown tones of the doner, giving the dish an equally alluring visual appeal.

Tender meat, crunchy vegetables, and soft, pillowy bread all play off one another in a lovely way with each bite. The flavour combination is nothing short of spectacular. A feast for the senses is created when the meat’s richness, the red sauce’s tanginess, the tomatoes’ freshness, and the chilli peppers’ mild heat all combine perfectly.

Start your culinary adventure by savouring this magnificent dish that wakes your taste buds and leaves you wanting more.

When you enter Deniz, you’ll be met by a fragrant symphony of spices, the sizzling of grills, and the appealing flavours of traditional Turkish cuisine.


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